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Christmas Tree Hunt in Winter Park
Posted by Bernie Kuta on November 22nd, 2015

Christmas Tree Hunt in Winter Park  -  KofC hosting people of the St. Mark Parish.   Depart the Church parking lot at 8:00 AM    for late afternoon return.

Only a major snowstorm will delay the plans.

Contact Bernie Kuta to participate...

Christmas Tree Hunt
Posted by Bernie Kuta on November 22nd, 2015

Christmas Tree Hunt in Winter Park  -  KofC hosting people of the St. Mark Parish.   Depart the Church parking lot at 8:00 AM    for late afternoon return.

Only a major snowstorm will delay the plans.

Contact  the Family Program Director (Bernie Kuta) to participate.

Annual Gala 2016
Posted by Keith Lowry on November 20th, 2015

Our annual Gala is right around the corner so it's time to SAVE THE DATE!  Our annual formal/fundraiser will be held on January 30, 2016 at the Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows so mark your calendars now.  Follow the link below for more information or to get a head start on registration.

Click link below to reserve your room at the Marriott and to secure our group room rates at $104/night.

Book your group rate for Knights of Columbus

If you made a donation to the auction last year and plan to do the same this year, please let John Park know at

Agenda for the evening to follow after Advent season.

Council Christmas Party at Sacred Heart Retreat House
Posted by Bernie Kuta on November 9th, 2015

The party is on!!!!!      Please set aside the evening of Saturday December 19th to attend mass and a potluck dinner at the Sacred Heart Retreat House.      Santa will be there for the little ones.      Contact your Council 1498 Family Program Director (Bernie K) if you are willing to plan and lead the event.    
Posted by Bernie Kuta on November 9th, 2015

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First Saturday Suppers
Posted by Bernie Kuta on July 20th, 2015

First Saturday Suppers schedule for the CY2015 hosted by Council 1498 Family Activities Program:

July 4th, 2015                   August1, 2015              September 5, 2015        October 10, 2015 (Chili Cookofft)

Nothing in Nobember due to hosting of the Major Degree on November 7        December 5, 2015



Posted by Dr. David Caton on May 8th, 2015

Council 1498 KofC1
APPROVED FY2015-16 Budget
Council: (1010-1299)
1010 Dues                           8,000.00
1020 Initiation Fees                                50.00
1040 Pennies from Heaven (RESTRICTED FUNDS)                              500.00
1100 Investment Income                                10.00
1210 KofC Supreme RSVP refunds                              200.00
1220 Angel Fund investment  income (RESTRICTED FUNDS)                                10.00
1230 Angel Fund designated donations (RESTRICTED FUNDS)                                     -  
1240 Misc INCOME - Donations                              500.00
FundRaisers (13xx)
1320 Peach Drive                           8,000.00
1340 KofC Formal Tickets                           8,000.00
1341 Formal Auction                          15,000.00
1342 Paddle Raise #1                         10,000.00             35,000.00
1343 Paddle Raise #2                         10,000.00
1350 Mentally Handicapped Drive (KofC State Charities)                           1,500.00
1360 Football Pool (Kof C State Charities)                           1,250.00
1370 Retreat                           1,000.00
1380 Ten Commandments plaques (Pro- Life)                              150.00
Yearlong Events/Major Activities (14xx)
1410 Breakfasts                           3,500.00
1420 Fish Fry                           3,000.00
1440 Knights Store                              700.00
1445 Beer and Brats/Spaghetti Dinners                           2,000.00
Special Events (15xx)
1510 H.R. Ice Cream Social                              500.00
1520 Camp Out                           5,000.00
1530 Major Degrees (hosting)                           1,000.00
1540 Keep Christ in Christmas campaign                              400.00
1550 H.R. Mansion Event                              500.00
1560 H.R. Civic Green Children's Event                              300.00
1580 Chili Cookoff                              900.00
Total Revenue                      81,970.00
Administrative (2xxx):
Recurring Fees/Expenses (20xx)
2020  Liability Insurance                              350.00
2040  KofC #1498 Website                              600.00
Council Support (21xx)
2110  Awards                              600.00
2120  KofC Colorado State assessments                           1,800.00
2130  KofC Supreme Assessments                           2,000.00
Council Supplies (22xx)
2210  Adminstrative Supplies                              750.00
2220  Postage                              600.00
2230  Advertising (general Printing, Copies, Banners, etc)                              300.00
2240  Name Tags                              300.00
2250  Capital Expenditures (equipment)                           1,500.00
2260  Knights Store                              600.00
Council Officer Expenses (23xx)
2310  State Convention and Semi-Annual Meetings                              250.00
2320  Grand Knight's Fund(annual)                              500.00
2330  District Deputy Expenses Fund(annual)                                     -  
2340  Financial Secretary payment (per bylaws)                              800.00
2350  Member Relief Fund(annual per council bylaws)                              100.00
2400 Building Fund transfer (2400)
2500  Angel Fund - Paddle Raise #2 (Restricted)                         10,000.00
Administrative Total                      21,050.00
FundRaisers: (3xxx)
3010  Peach Drive                           5,500.00
3030  Formal Auction                           1,000.00
3032  Paddle Raise #1(Restricted)                         10,000.00
FundRaisers Total                      16,500.00
3110  St. Mark Parish                            3,500.00
3120  Misc. Community Donations                           6,000.00
3130  Sacred Heart Retreat House                              500.00
3140  Mentally Handicapped Donation (KofC State Charities Tootsie Roll Campaign)                           1,500.00
3160  Pennies from Heaven Donation (KofC Sate Charityes)                              600.00
3170  ReturningGod's Gifts                              500.00
Donations/Charity Total                      12,600.00
Program EXPENSES (4xxx)
Pro-Life Committee
4010  Pro-Life Donations                              500.00
4020  Pro-Life Council                               250.00
4040  UltraSound Initiaive- KofC State Charities                           1,000.00
4050  Unborn Memorial Monument FUND                              500.00
Pro-Life Total                         2,250.00
Membership Program 
5010  Welcome Meals                              150.00
5030  Recruiting - Admissions                              100.00
5040  Retention                              100.00
5060  Major Degree Fees                              400.00
Membership Total                            750.00
Council Commitee:
6010  Football Pool (KofC State Charities)                           1,000.00
6020  Major Degrees hosting                           1,200.00
6040  KnightsBreakfasts                           2,000.00
6050  Chili Cookoff                              900.00
6060  Spagetti Dinners                              300.00
Council Total                         5,400.00
Church Committee:
6510  St. Mark Altar Server Appreciation                              250.00
6520  Keep Christ in Christmas (Campaign & Supplies)                              400.00
6530  St. Mark - Priest Meals                              200.00
6550  St. Mark- Employee Appreciation                              250.00
6660  Seminarian Support                           1,000.00
6670  Council Retreat                           1,000.00
Church Total                         3,100.00
Community Committee:
7010  Civic Green Children's Event                              300.00
7030  H.R. Mansion Event                              300.00
7040  H.R. Ice Cream Social                              250.00
7060  Fish Fry(s)                           2,000.00
Community Total                         2,850.00
Family Committee:
7510  Christmas/AdventParty                              100.00
7520  Christmas Tree Hunt                              200.00
7530  Outdoor Nativity                              100.00
7540  Family Night                              150.00
7550  St. Mark Church Grounds Clean-Up                              500.00
7560  Kite Flying Picnic                              100.00
7570  Fellowship Meals (July 4, B&B, Oktoberfest, Spaghetti…)                           2,000.00
7580  Mothers Day Flowers                              250.00
Family Total                         3,400.00
Youth Committee:
8010  Soccer Challenge                              250.00
8020  Free Throw Championship                              350.00
8030 Stewardship award-2@$1000                           2,000.00
8040  Youth Activity Scholarship(added Aug 2)                              500.00
8050  Kids Fest & Paintball                           1,000.00
Youth Total                         4,100.00
Committee Led Events:
8510  Camp Out - 2016                           1,500.00
8513  Camp Out - 2015                           4,000.00
8520  KofCFormal Dinner & Site Expenses                           8,500.00
that the 2014 IRS Form 990 had been timely filed.
Committees Total                      14,000.00
Total Expenses                      86,000.00
Net Increase / (Decrease) in Cash                       (4,030.00)

Slate of Officers (elected and appointed) for 2015-2016 Fraternal Year as well as Directors
Posted by Dr. David Caton on May 8th, 2015

APPROVED Slate of Officers (elected, appointed and directors) proposed by DGK Mosholder:


Grand Knight-Richard Bowers; Deputy Grand Knight-Tim Mosholder;Chancellor: Keith Lowry; Warden: Carlo Turchiano; Advocate: Patrick McAllen;Treasurer: Bruce Allen; Recorder: David Caton; Inside Guard: David Barnett;Outside Guard: David Stauber; Trustee 3 year: Bernie Kuta; Trustee 2 year:Robert Wilson; Trustee 1 year: Jim Butler


Chaplain: Fr. Francisco Quezada; Financial Secretary: Ed Belen;Lecturer: Christopher Harden


Membership: Keith Lowry; Program: Tim Mosholder; Church: JohnPark: Council; Eric Obergfell; Youth: Steve Myer; Family: Bernie Kuta;Community: Mark Smith; Culture of Life: (unfilled); Communications: (unfilled)

Discovery Job Network
Posted by Dr. David Caton on April 4th, 2014

 Brother Knight Bruce Allen introduced us to an organization during the April 2014 Business Meeting known as the Discovery Job Network which is available to anyone looking for a job.  It is dedicated to providing faith-based employment services to anyone seeking assistance with finding and securing employment.  The discovery Job Network offices are located at St, Thomas More Catholic Church in Centennial and the office hours are M-Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Here is the website: 

Bylaws have been updated
Posted by Bernie Kuta on October 17th, 2013

On October 3, 2013 the council voted to modify our bylaws immediately.   Three items were changed. and have been submitted to Supreme and have been approved.  The revised bylaws will be published and posted on our website.

1.  Meetings updated :   Business Meetings will continue to be on the 1st Thursday of each month,    Planning Meetings are to be held on the 4th Thursday

2.   Member Dues have been increased to $50 per annum (previously was $36)   This amount will become effective for CY2014.    (The amount is substantiated as being the amount that is needed for paying Supreme and State assessments plus council operating expenses that should not be taken out of "donations" or "revenue" from charitable events.)

3.   The maximum amount that can be approved within the context of one meeting is now $250 (previously was $400).   (The discussion was about making it a practice for people asking or funds to be prepared a month in advance of the need.   Historically,  the council has often been asked for the $400 without much justification or reasoning simply because that was the limit.)


Bernie  Kuta\\\   Grndk Knight

Prayer Requests Now Online
Web Site
Web Site
Posted by Brian Sago on August 23rd, 2011

Rather than contact myself or other officers, any Knight can now send Prayer Requests to all Knights and their wives. Simply log into the site (click Login at the top) and then, once logged in, click the Prayer Request link.
Forgotten Logins
Web Site
Web Site
Posted by on July 27th, 2009